Greek in the City: Το YouTube σου δίνει την ελευθερία να κάνεις οτιδήποτε και όποτε το θες!

One chilly day as I was watching videos on YouTube, I randomly came across Chris Semers who made my day. After watching one of his videos, I instantly became hooked on his channel because of his excitement and positive vibe. I like interviewing people that are doing something positive and creative in their life, so I knew that my next interview would be with Chris!

Greek in the City is a Vlog about New York City and what it’s like being born Greek American. There you’ll find interesting comedy videos about Greek history, culture, cooking recipes and even videos with funny challenges. You have to check those videos out, they will make your day!

The Interview

When did you start your YouTube channel and what inspired you or motivated you to do that?

I began my YouTube channel in September of 2015 after 1 year of studying “YouTube”, and creating content. My motivation for my channel was inspired by my passion for creating movies, making music and building stuff too. YouTube gives you the freedom to do whatever you want, when you want to do it.

What is it like to be born a Greek American and how’s your life in New York City?

I love being Greek American, and I love living in New York City. I live with my mother in Astoria, Queens, which is known for having a large population of Greeks in the community. Living in Astoria is convenient because I am fifteen minutes away from Manhattan, giving me access to the necessities needed to create my videos; like my collaborations with Konilo, or all the talented New York City artists that are in the rest of my videos. For example the talented Sherry Vine and Peppermint.

Do you often visit Greece? What do you miss the most?

Prior to my fathers passing (i.e. 4 years ago) I used to visit once a year, but I haven’t been back since. I usually go to my house in Diomidia, Xanthi. I miss my Grandmother and the people, they’re so welcoming and beautiful that they become a second family. Living in New York City you don’t get the closeness because the city is so populated and everyone is focused on themselves. I am hoping to come visit this summer, we will see.

What are some of your accomplishments and downfalls that you have had?

Everyday that Im given the opportunity to work within the realm of my passion is an accomplishment. Creating these videos and having people watch them and enjoy them is part of what makes this experience worth while. Although I haven’t reached the peak of my success, I plan to continue creating and critiquing my videos with my goal in mind. What this experience taught me is to pursue my goals in life, which have led to my personal satisfaction. As for my downfalls my mom says I don’t have any.

What is something that you want to do but have not done yet?

I would like to have my own talk show, because I feel like my personality combined with that form of television would make for a popular show. 

Do you have a motto or quote that you live by? What would you advice our readers?

My motto is “When you want something done, do it yourself”. Not just on YouTube, but in every aspect of your life. You are in control and if you want something bad enough, you have to work your hardest. Be the one who molds your destiny.

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